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Young Cuba

Turner 2019

YOUNG CUBA, a comprehensive look at the diversity and dignity of young Cubans today, is a hardcover book with a dust jacket featuring 229 color photographs taken over the past 25 years, several short essays and other assorted writings. Themes of diversity, tolerance and shared humanity are central to this publication. This book will be of avid interest to lovers of photography and people interested in Cuba. I offer signed English or Spanish language copies for $40 + shipping.

"Jonathan Moller is an exceptional photographer, and the images in this book tell a magnificent story that is rich with humanity and youthful vitality."

- Anne E. Havinga, Senior Curator of Photographs at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

The Past is Present

Memories of Peru’s Internal Armed Conflict

Turner, 2017

Featuring 158 color photographs, The Past is Present is a cloth-bound, hardcover book that includes short essays, testimonies and reflections by survivors of the violence in Peru and others. Through sales of The Past is Present, and the Spanish language edition, Paisajes Ausentes: Memorias del Pasado Reciente del Perú (Turner, 2017), Moller is raising money to help fund the free distribution and the educational uses of the book and the PDF and virtual online editions in Peru.

Our Culture is Our Resistance

Repression, Refuge and Healing in Guatemala

powerHouse Books, 2004

Featuring 147 tri-tone black and white photographs, Our Culture Is Our Resistance is a cloth-bound, hardcover book that includes writings by Rigoberta Menchú Tum, Francisco Goldman, Susanne Jonas, Ricardo Falla, Eduardo Galeano, Sebastião Salgado, among others. Through sales of Our Culture is Our Resistance, and the Spanish language edition, Nuestra Cultura es Nuestra Resistencia (Turner, 2004), Moller raises money that goes to the Association for Justice and Reconciliation (AJR) in Guatemala, to support their work to bring former Military officials to justice for genocide and crimes against humanity.

Rescatando Nuestra Memoria

[Recovering Our Historical Memory]

F&G Editores, 2009

Rescatando Nuestra Memoria is a photography-based, primarily educational book about Guatemalan populations uprooted by the internal armed conflict, with hardcover and soft cover editions. This book, together with the accompanying teachers guide, promotes truth, historical memory, and reconciliation in Guatemalan schools and communities. Through a network of Guatemalan and international NGOs, social justice and education focused institutions and foundations, and several Guatemalan governmental offices (including the Ministry of Education), 36,500 soft cover copies of this book have been or are currently being distributed for free in Guatemala.