Photographs / Fotografías

A boy wearing a T-shirt that says “Let’s save Elián.” Havana, 2000
Reynalda Andagua Gonzales talks about her son, Martín Roca Casas, who disappeared in 1993. In the mirror you can see the reflection of Javier Roca, Martín’s father, next to an altar dedicated to the memory of his son. Javier tells us: “He was kidnapped, tortured, murdered and incinerated during the government of Alberto Fujimori”. Lima, 2009
Domingo poses with his radio, one of his families’ only non-essential possessions, and virtually their only link to the outside world. One night in 1980, soldiers came to his house and dragged away his older brother and sister. They were never seen again. Communities of Population in Resistance of the Sierra, Quiché, 1993
Juana Crisante de Méndez holds the military service ID that belonged to her husband, Fortunato Méndez Huamancusi. Fortunato was detained and then disappeared from the Canaria military base near Hualla in 1984. Hualla, Ayacucho Region, 2009
Sierra Panimaquín # 10. Totonicapán, 1996
Boston, 1986
Esteli, Nicaragua, 1991
West Tisbury, Massachusetts, 1985
Josie’s bureau, Roanoke, 1990